Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Daleks vs Mechanoids!

The animated Time Lord Victorious spin-off is bringing back a classic foe


New details of the animated Doctor Who spin-off Daleks! have been revealed, with extended footage and story material unveiled in early October for New York Comic-Con.


Most exciting for fans? The confirmed onscreen return of classic series creation the Mechanoids, one of the only races in the galaxy to give the Daleks a run for their money (in 1965’s The Chase specifically) and who have become a beloved presence in spin-off media in the years since their appearance on the TV show.

Now, they’re back in the mainstream thanks to this new Time Lord Victorious spin-off. But what exactly is the history of the Mechanoids in Who? How will they interact with the Daleks in the new series, and what could this mean for their future?

In this week’s Doctor Who podcast (now available on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon podcasts alongside its regular home on YouTube) we do our best to puzzle it all out, while also addressing the latest reactions to the Daleks! animation style.

All that, plus some random trivia about a recurring Doctor Who cast member? Some general banter about household items that the Mechanoids may or may not resemble? Discussion of the true, final spelling of their name (Mechanoids vs Mechonoids)? Truly, what more could anyone ask for?

For more details about the web series, check out our How to watch Daleks! page, which gives you all the release, story and cast details ahead of the series’ debut on the 12th November.

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Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks comes to BBC One in late 2020/early 2021. Want something else to watch? Check out our extensive full-list TV Guide for all your channel-hopping needs.