Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: The return of Doctor Who watchalongs

We catch up with Doctor Who: Lockdown creator and organiser Emily Cook to chat about her smash-hit online fan events – and why she’s bringing them back this winter.

Alex Kingston Peter Capaldi

It’s fair to say that during the coronavirus pandemic Doctor Who really brought people together, with the writers and cast of the BBC sci-fi series releasing a host of new videos, short stories and other content during the early weeks of lockdown.


But perhaps the most uplifting Whovian story came from the series of episode watchalongs organised by Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook, which brought together thousands of fans (alongside some starry guests from the series) for a communal tweet-along of some favourite Doctor Who stories.

Though initially, the whole thing started more modestly when Cook just fancied some online company for her own personal rewatch of “comfort blanket” episode The Day of the Doctor.

“I put out a tweet to suggest we might all start watching at the same time – and the tweet had quite a lot of interest!” Cook tells us now.

“We had this massive worldwide tweetalong, and that first tweetalong of The Day of the Doctor trended number one in the world. Which is incredible.

“After the success of that one, I thought ‘This is a lovely thing, and people responded to it really well.’ There seemed to be a bit of a format that could be replicated in the weeks to come…”

Now, 16 watchalongs later and after some time away Doctor Who: Lockdown is back – and in this week’s Doctor Who podcast, we catch up with Emily to find out what’s next for the fandom’s favourite online event and what’ll be different for this collection of episodes.

Plus, we take a look back at Doctor Who: Lockdown’s origins and the best moments from the first few months of the event, and tell fans how they can get involved with this new series of communal Doctor Who fun – as well as details of next watchalong The Husbands of River Song.

Check out the full chat above – or find us on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon podcasts to download.


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