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Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: The Daleks get a spin-off!

With the announcement of new online series Daleks!, the tinpot terrors are finally taking centre-stage.

Published: Wednesday, 9th September 2020 at 12:37 pm

What do the Daleks get up to when the Doctor’s off fighting other extraterrestrial terrors? In new animated miniseries Daleks! we’ll find out, with the BBC announcing the new five-part story as part of the continuing Time Lord Victorious crossover project.


In this week’s Doctor Who podcast we delve into the new details of the new CG miniseries, share some extra casting secrets and take our best guess at what Daleks! will be like when it finally arrives this November.

Starring Joe Sugg and Anjli Mohindra among others and following a group of Daleks who are soon to appear in other Who media in the coming weeks, we’re sure that the news will have fans eager to see what the five 10-minute episodes will be like. And based on what one of its stars previously told us, it sounds like Whovians may have a lot to look forward to…

“It's full-on dark action with great characters,” Nicholas Briggs, who stars in the series as the various Dalek characters, exclusively told

“And you maybe wouldn't expect that from Daleks because you tend to think of them as a bit monotone but it's there. It's really intriguing.

“And it's a proper serial in the fact that there's a cliffhanger each time, and each cliffhanger leaves you thinking what could possibly happen next. So it's a really compelling drama and lots of fun and something spectacular for all the family to look at. And, you know, great for kids. Great for adult fans as well for children of all ages.”

But will Daleks! be a one-off, or just the start in a long line of new Doctor Who animations? Taking a look back at the long history of Who cartoons and spin-offs in general, we’ll try to find out…

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Daleks! will be free to watch on the Doctor Who YouTube channel from November. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV Guide.


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