Doctor Who’s greatest foes are taking centre stage for their own series at long last, with new online animation Daleks! set to follow a gang of the genocidal cyborg pepperpots as they cut a swathe through the universe with no meddling Time Lord in sight.


Starring Strictly Come Dancing’s Joe Sugg, Bodyguard and Doctor Who’s Anjli Mohindra, Holby City’s Ayesha Antoine and regular voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs, Daleks! will consist of five 10-minute episodes released for free on the Doctor Who YouTube channel, with episodes debuting weekly from November.

And if you’re already desperate for a sneak peek you can get a sense about what to expect thanks to a newly-released teaser video and episode images, which can be found within this article.

“It's the Daleks just up to no good in a full-action, really colourful, exciting animation with a really intriguing plot,” Briggs exclusively told

“Normally when you think of the Daleks, there needs to be the Doctor there to battle – but it can work with just the Daleks encountering other beings and having exciting adventures.

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“I've just seen the first episode, and it’s amazing – very 3D-looking and explosive, and I think people are going to love it. It was a dream job for me.”

Developed by Salford-based animators Studio Liddell for BBC Studios Digital and written by James Goss, Daleks! will tie into the ongoing Time Lord Victorious project currently rolling out across Doctor Who books, comics, games and more, with Briggs confirming that the group of Daleks featured in the series are the same ones to clash with the Tenth and Eighth Doctors in other stories from within the wider Time Lord Victorious timeline.

Daleks still
A still from episode one of the BBC Studios Daleks! animation

And they’ll be joined by a host of intriguing extra characters across the five episodes, with Briggs’ castmates recording voice roles remotely during lockdown to portray a variety of alien and android friends and foes.

“I’m super excited and thankful to have been invited to play a role in this new animation,” said YouTuber and presenter Joe Sugg, who plays a robot called Sentinel R-41 in episode two.

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 rumours - Joe Sugg

“I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who from a young age so to be a part of it is a dream come true.”

“When I saw that this series was about THOSE iconic villains I knew it was going to be one hell of a ride and I couldn’t wait to sign up!!” Anjli Mohindra, who recently starred in the main Doctor Who series as Queen Skithra, added.

“I had so much fun being thrown into the wonderfully weird world of remote recording and so thrilled that I was able to be part of something that feel so special!”

A still from episode one of Daleks! (BBC Studios)

I have never been more fascinated to see the final product of a show,” agreed Ayesha Antoine, who previously starred in Doctor Who episode Midnight.

“To be a part of the animated story of these iconic baddies is really special. The recording session was a whole new adventure - another surreal moment to add to the growing list from 2020”.

More details about Daleks! are expected to be released in due course ahead of its November launch date – and we’re sure that plenty of fans will be itching to see what Goss, director Scott Handcock and Studio Liddell have created.

“This latest, fantastic, thrill-packed venture into the world of animation, with the Daleks as the stars of the show, is something so many of us have been craving for years,” Briggs said.

Daleks still
A still from episode one of Daleks! (BBC Studios)

“And for me it’s been a marvellous challenge, as usual playing every single Dalek in action, but with the added excitement of portraying some beautifully written, leading Dalek characters. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to see the finished production.”

Daleks! will debut for free on the Doctor Who YouTube channel from November.


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