Listen to the Doctor Who podcast – finding the best modern series

David Tennant’s series four has won the fans’ hearts, and this week we take a look at its continuing popularity

The cast of Doctor Who (BBC)

For weeks, we’ve asked fans to vote for their favourite modern Doctor Who series – and now that we’ve found a winner in 2008’s series four, it’s high time we took a look at why it remains such a favourite among Whovians.


Is it just the shadow of Tennantmania? Does Catherine Tate’s Donna elevate the whole series? Or are there genuinely better episodes among the 2008 crop? In this week’s podcast we try our best to find out, and ponder whether any series will ever displace this fan-favourite.

Series four won the top prize in our poll after nine weeks and 55,000 votes (11,000 of which were in the final), gaining 75% of the vote over Christopher Eccleston’s first series in the head-to-head final.

We all love the Silence in the Library, Midnight and the all-star finale – but are all the other episodes really that much better than in other series? And how much of series four’s popularity still comes from nostalgia for NuWho’s glory days? Listen to the podcast above and find out what we think.

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One in late 2020/early 2021