Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi is a secret Chas and Dave fan

Why did the Tardis never host a sing song round the old Joanna?

Capaldi rock and roll Doctor

Outgoing Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi battled numerous monsters and saved the universe countless times in his four years at the helm of the Tardis.


But he never had a sing song round the old Joanna, did he?

Which seems a shame because Capaldi is, now learns, a massive fan of cockernee singing duo Chas and Dave (or Chas’n’Dave if you prefer), legendary talents behind such classics as Rabbit, Margate and Snooker Loopy.

Yes indeedy, the Twelfth Time Lord will reveal his penchant for the men behind the unforgettable refrain “You can keep your Costa Brave/I’d rather/ Have a day down Margate with all me family” in a forthcoming Radio 2 special hosted by Jo Whiley and airing on 21st December.

Here are Chas and Dave:

And here is the rock’n’roll Doctor:

Capaldi rock and roll doctor cover

A match made in heaven.


Jo Whiley – Access All Areas Doctor Who Special is on Radio 2 on Thursday 21st December at 8pm