These out of context Doctor Who clips show just how brilliantly weird the show really is

Sense: it makes none

Doctor Who - Best New Who series

We’ve already marvelled at the brilliance of Out of Context Louis Theroux, and now Doctor Who has been given the same treatment, demonstrating just how weird the BBC sci-fi show is.


The video – taking clips from modern Who and the Doctor Who TV movie – shows how casual viewers, perhaps walking into an episode mid-way, can be greeted by such moments as a dwarf pig being shot down by a panicked group of soldiers, a white horse stalking David Tennant through a spaceship, or even the line “What’cha gonna do? Sucker me to death?” delivered by a man who’s shortly suckered to death.

And then there’s our favourite no-context clip: Mark Gatiss’s post-anti-ageing-experiment Professor Richard Lazarus kissing his beloved Lady Thaw. It was weird in the actual episode (2007’s The Lazarus Experiment), but impossibly weird if you disregard both character’s backstories.

Let’s face it, Whovians. Sure, Doctor Who is a great show. But, gee, is it odd.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn