Dalek operator fired after hiding offensive message in Doctor Who magazine article

Nicholas Pegg's column for DWM included a foul-mouthed message insulting his employers

Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

A disgruntled writer for Doctor Who Magazine, who is also a former Dalek operator on the show, has been sacked from his job on the mag after sneaking a foul-mouthed message about his employers into an article.


Nicholas Pegg, who wrote under the pen name The Watcher, strategically placed a letter at the start of each paragraph of the piece so that it spelt out a message to publishers Panini and Doctor Who brand owners BBC Worldwide featuring the C-word.

The article ended with the sentence “If you look hard enough there is always something hidden in plain sight”.

The coded message read “Panini and BBC Worldwide are c***s”.

As you might expect, when this was brought to Panini’s attention they were not particularly thrilled and Pegg was duly exterminated from his job.


It’s unclear what his particular grudge was but given the outcome he may wish he could jump in a time machine, go back and rewrite that article.