Revamped Doctor Who could have longer episodes, a new Tardis and more adventures in history

But Jodie Whittaker's first series as the Doctor could also have fewer episodes, according to reports

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker could be getting a brand new Tardis to mark her first series as the Doctor. And a new sonic screwdriver. And longer episodes. But maybe not as many of them…


That’s according to the Mirror, which suggests the Thirteenth Doctor will kick off her tenure with ten, rather than the usual 12 or 13, episodes but each with a longer running time of an hour, as opposed to the standard 45 minutes.

The report also promises a revamped Tardis console room and – perhaps most intriguing to fans – a redesign of the blue police box’s exterior, which has changed only very slightly down the years, with the re-introduction of the original St John Ambulance crest on the door one of the significant recent updates.

And, as only seems fit, Whittaker’s Doctor could also get a new sonic screwdriver, replacing the flashing blue model (and presumably the controversial sonic sunglasses) currently wielded by Peter Capaldi’s departing Twelfth Doctor.

Finally, there’s a suggestion – not for the first time – that the new Doctor’s adventures will involve more of the original show’s trips back into the past to explore significant historical ages.

“Expect something fresh and brilliant,” a source told the paper, “with more of the stories travelling backwards in time, to interesting historical eras, as well as forwards.”

A return to Doctor Who’s past, in more ways than one.


The BBC declined to comment on the story