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Doctor Who: Day of the Moon

A cracking two-parter - but it leaves so many questions... logo
Published: Saturday, 30th April 2011 at 6:04 pm

Not everyone likes their Doctor Who sliced the same way, but I reckon The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon are two of the most mouthwatering episodes yet made. Full marks to writer Steven Moffat, director Toby Haynes and all the cast for a hugely entertaining, befuddling, witty and creepy 90 minutes of television.


And we are left with so many unanswered questions…

1. Who or what was inside the Apollo spacesuit that killed the 1,103-year-old Doctor? And did the Time Lord recognise him/her/it?

2. Why did Amy believe she was pregnant, and what did the Doctor's wavering positive/negative scan of her signify?

3. Why was the Doctor imprisoned in dwarf star alloy (first introduced 30 years ago in Warriors' Gate)? Nixon and Canton still seemed to be on side all along, so why were Amy, Rory and River on the run from the FBI for three months? Was it just an elaboration to fox the viewer or a smoke screen to fool the Silence?

4. Frances Barber (guest star of forthcoming episode seven) peered through a hatch in the sinister children's home and said, "No, I think she's just dreaming." Then she and the hatch vanished. What's that all about?

5. Why was the little girl being held in that home? And why was there a photo of Amy and a baby on her chest of drawers?

6. The Silence said they'd held Amy for "many days". Are we comfortable that the Doctor left her with them for so long and what were they actually doing with her? A clue must lie in one Silent's words: "We do you honour. You will bring the Silence. But your part will soon be over."

7. Who or what is the child? We saw her regenerating in the jaw-dropping climax but who will she become?

8. And the other biggie, which will hopefully be revealed in her next appearance, in episode seven - who is River? And how closely is her secret linked to some of the above mysteries?


So many puzzles! Feel free to come back with your own wild theories, but please - if you're in the know - no spoilers!


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