The Doctor and Yaz will be experiencing the TARDIS very differently in series 13 of Doctor Who – with the BBC confirming that Ryan and Graham will be leaving the show after the upcoming festive special.


Now, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill have spoken out about the departure of their co-stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole, who have been travelling through time and space with them since 2018.

Whittaker said that she was "absolutely devastated" by their departure, explaining how she was reduced to tears on set during their final scenes together.

"Without going into any specifics about anything to do with character or what happens – just purely knowing it was the last scenes with myself and those actors – both of them had to carry me to my trailer," she said.

"I’ve not cried like that for such a long time. I mean, Brad couldn’t cope with it at all... and Tosin was like, 'I really can’t cope with you getting so sad.'

"I think that sums up how I feel. There was not a sense of relief in any way. And then I was like 'Don’t leave me!'.

Whittaker added that she felt "bereaved" by their departure, in part because Walsh and Cole had started on the series at the same time as her.

"That’s so unique," she said. "Everything to do with… you know, all of our journeys have been together, and have been as a family. And we’ve clicked like a family."

And Gill explained that even though she's not as emotional a person, she was still upset by their departure – although she admitted it's still too early to tell how much they'll be missed.

Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole in Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

"I’m not really that sort of an emotional person, but even I was a bit like, 'This is really sad. I’ll never see you again. You’re so busy, Brad, always filming!'.

"But it’s been too soon to miss them. We do have this WhatsApp group… so we’re speaking all the time. And obviously because of the whole lockdown anyway, we wouldn’t have seen each other in that time.

"So I think it’s too soon for me to realise the impact of not having them, because they’re just constantly sending memes or a message or something like that."


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