Doctor Who: Flux ratings revealed as figures drop for finale

The latest numbers suggest a dip in viewership compared to the previous series.

Doctor Who

The ratings have been released for the final episode of Doctor Who: Flux, revealing that live viewership declined again after enjoying a slight boost with the penultimate chapter one week earlier.


Unlike other series of modern Who, Flux told a single serialised story across its six-episode run, as opposed to featuring self-contained adventures for the Doctor and her companions.

The final entry in the series attracted a live audience just shy of 3.6 million, a decline of roughly 200,000 from the previous week’s strong showing, but the episode could yet come out with a better consolidated number.

For context, a consolidated rating combines live viewership with people who watched via recording or catch-up service in the seven days after the initial broadcast.

As a result, this number takes longer to calculate, with figures not yet available for every episode of Flux at the time of writing this report, but most episodes have added in the region of one million additional viewers so far.

Here is a summary of the numbers so far, as reported by

  • Episode 1 – 5.69 million (4.43 live)
  • Episode 2 – 5.02 million (3.95 live)
  • Episode 3 – 4.59 million (3.76 live)
  • Episode 4 – 4.47 million (3.44 live)
  • Episode 5 – 4.72 million (3.81 live)
  • Episode 6 – 3.58 million live (consolidated TBA)

With an average consolidated rating of 4.89 million for the first five episodes, Flux is shaping up to be a weaker ratings performer overall than Doctor Who series 12.

For comparison, that 10-episode series, which aired in early 2020, has an average consolidated rating of 5.4 million viewers per episode, suggesting the show has seen a dip in viewership.

That said, its fortunes may improve soon, as the Doctor’s impending regeneration is likely to attract attention to the long-running series, while the return of showrunner Russell T Davies is also highly-anticipated by many fans.


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