Doctor Who: Flux's latest episode Once, Upon Time saw the surprise return of Jo Martin's Fugitive Doctor.


The character first appeared in series 12, and made a lasting impression on fans, so it was exciting to see her back on our screens. And, fortunately, it looks like there's more to come.

In a video posted to the official Doctor Who Twitter account, Martin and Jodie Whittaker discussed the Fugitive Doctor's return, and even teased what lies ahead for Martin's fan favourite character.

"I love working with Jo Martin and I am desperate to have our Doctors in more scenes together because I absolutely love her," Whittaker said.

Martin added: "I love being back. It’s been fabulous so far. Jodie’s still delicious, the new guys are delicious. You know, they’re just darlings and I still fit in my costume."

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"We’re always given really meaty stuff to play against each other so it’s been... I’ve really loved it, but also she is brilliant, and she’s such a good laugh, and she’s just a brilliant energy to have on set," Whittaker explained. "So yeah – fingers crossed this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her."

Martin was a little more forthcoming, teasing, "Will you see me again? What I will say is... I'll be hard to get rid of!"

You can see the pair discussing the latest episode for yourself below:

As well as her future within Doctor Who: Flux, fans have also wondered whether the episode might work as a pilot for a potential Fugitive Doctor spin-off.

Of course, such a premise is just speculation at this point. But it's reassuring to know this episode likely isn't the last we've seen of the Fugitive Doctor.

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