Doctor Who FINALLY has a Christmas Tardis Twitter emoji

Maisie Williams first demanded a Tardis emoji in 2015, and now it's here – with a festive upgrade

Doctor Who Tardis

Proving that even fictional time machines shaped like police boxes can get in the festive spirit, Doctor Who’s Tardis has had a Christmas makeover in a new Twitter emoji.


The hashtag #DoctorWho is now accompanied by an extremely cute little emoji version of the Tardis wearing a massive Santa hat.

Should we credit Game of Thrones (and Doctor Who) star Maisie Williams with this vital development? After all, she’s been calling for a Tardis emoji since at least October 2015.


And now, it seems, the powers-that-be have finally listened. This new emoji will take the Tardis to every corner of the world to spread some Christmas cheer.