The first episode of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker has finally, FINALLY aired on BBC1 – and it’s fair to say that the fans were blown away by the first adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor.


Praising Whittaker’s performance and the new feel of the series as a whole, viewers took to Twitter in their droves to share their warm thoughts on The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

And even from the earliest moments of the episode, things were looking promising.

And as the episode went on, love for Whittaker's Doctor only continued, whether she was building her own sonic screwdriver, tracking down alien nasty "Tim Shaw" or just letting people know that change wasn't so bad after all.

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By the end of the episode, it was clear that Whittaker had won over the majority of viewers, with many heaping praise on her upbeat personality and the climactic stand-off with the episode's villain.

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In fact, the new Doctor dominated the conversation so much that people were barely tweeting about anything else - bar one thing.

He's the terror of dentists throughout the galaxy, a cavity of depravity, a jaw-breaker and mischief maker. He' episode villain Tim Shaw, aka Tzim-Sha, aka that blue bloke with all the teeth stuck to his face, who completely creeped out a lot of viewers (played by Samuel Oatley).

Suffice it to say, they couldn't handle the tooth - or the Doctor's resolutely normal nickname for him.

Overall, it seems like Chris Chibnall's new Doctor Who is a hit with audiences.

Sure, not everyone loved every part of it - a few complained it was "slow", while others had some more fundamental issues with the new episode.

Still, generally speaking, it seems like the Thirteenth Doctor has a LOT of new fans as her first series kicks off.

The future is here - and it's looking bright.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Sundays