Doctor Who Face the Raven poster revealed

Graffiti meets Jacobean style in Stuart Manning's striking new design

Designer Stuart Manning continues his run of fantastic Doctor Who episode posters this week with a very creepy (but extremely cool) image for hidden-street fantasy Face the Raven. Check it out!


“What a great title! I’ve been itching to get onto this episode for that reason alone,” Stuart says.

“Something about that title and the theme of hidden old London streets struck me as vaguely Jacobean, which inspired the checkerboard pattern and the blackletter-style titling.

“At the same time, I didn’t want it to be entirely old fashioned and I wanted to suggest the threat of the raven, so I worked in a touch of Banksy-style stenciling on the bird and some ink splatter to grunge things up a bit. Without thinking of it, that tied in with returning character Rigsy quite nicely. Sometimes these things sort themselves out.


“PS. Look out for the hidden street.”