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Hear Doctor Who stars Tom Baker and David Tennant together in Out of Time audio adventure

The Fourth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor unite to battle the Daleks in the Big Finish story.

Doctor Who - David Tennant, Tom Baker (Big Finish)
Big Finish
Published: Tuesday, 18th August 2020 at 11:32 pm

Big Finish productions have teased the first meeting of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in Doctor Who: Out of Time with a new audio trailer.


The double Doctor Who audio episodes are available for pre-order and will (possibly) be released before the end of August.

In the new adventure the Doctors unite to battle the Daleks in what’s being called “the first of an explosive new full-cast audio drama series” from Big Finish. Future editions will pair other Doctors from the iconic franchise, while it was recently announced that Christopher Eccleston would rejoin the Doctor Who family in 12 adventures as the Ninth Doctor.

In Doctor Who: Out of Time the Doctors find themselves in the Cathedral of Contemplation, which is "spinning... outside of history". However, the "unstoppable" Daleks are determined force their way inside.

Baker's Doctor has wisdom to call on. "In my experience no one's ever unstoppable. Only ever unreasonable."

He later comments that Tennant seems very well-informed and asks him what his occupation is.

"A doctor. A travelling doctor, much like yourself," replies Tennant.

As the Doctors fight to keep the Daleks out of the cathedral, the Fourth Doctor warns that if the Daleks breach the doors they will "have the means to go anywhere and anywhen".

The foes, for their part, threaten: "With this device the Daleks will win this war. And all wars!"

Writer Matt Fritton explained why he chose the Daleks as the nemeses for Baker and Tennant: "I thought putting them up against the Daleks – the Doctor’s most persistent enemy – would bring out all the ways in which they are at once the same Time Lord – and also very different versions too."

Doctor Who fans were excited to hear the first fruits of the collaboration.

Are you as excited as this fan? "Its only arguably the 2 most popular Doctors of their respective eras MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME."


Big Finish are yet to announce the actual release date, but we will bring you an update as soon as the big moment arrives.

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