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Doctor Who series 13 star on set secrecy: “Nobody was allowed to speak about the new Doctor”

Annabel Scholey opens up about what it was like filming Village of the Angels.

Published: Monday, 22nd November 2021 at 4:30 pm

We're more than halfway through Doctor Who: Flux, with the fourth episode in the six-part series leaving fans in shock when it aired last night.


Village of the Angels finally gave viewers some answers about Annabel Scholey's Claire Brown, who was introduced in the series premiere.

Scholey, who has appeared in the likes of Britannia, The Split, Medici and Being Human, plays a “percipient” woman stranded in Medderton, and her scenes with Jodie Whittaker's Doctor were some of the highlights of the episode.

During an exclusive chat with, the actress opened up about what it was like behind-the-scenes, revealing that "nobody was allowed to speak about the new Doctor".

"There's a lot of secrecy. There were a lot of signing of forms. And yeah, not allowed to say very much. You know, nobody was allowed to speak about the new Doctor," she said.

She added: "It wasn't even... it was kind of a, 'Is there gonna be a new Doctor?' We can't even say that. It was very top secret, which I think is really fun, actually. I think it's great."

When asked whether it meant she couldn't talk to Whittaker about the fact she was leaving the show after, she explained: "Yeah, well, we didn't know for certain, and she didn't even really ever properly say that to me, because she wasn't allowed.

"I sort of figured she probably was but it wasn't ever said. Because even Jodie wasn't allowed to say anything about it. And she didn't know very much about... she didn't know who was taking over. I don't even think she knows now. I'm not sure she does. Maybe she does and she's lying! But it's mysterious, the whole thing."

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