Doctor Who and the Daleks to invade classrooms looking for help from school kids

Children in lessons will be asked to step in when the Tardis runs into trouble


Doctor Who needs help, and we Earthlings are the only ones who can give it. Specifically, the little Earthlings in classrooms up and down the country who must help the Time Lord defeat the Daleks when his Tardis runs into trouble.


On Tuesday 28th March at 11am, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will be calling on schoolkids to help him defeat a supernova of epic proportions, devised by the evil Daleks.

It has damaged the Tardis, and now the devastating shock wave is on its way to Earth.

A special live and interactive micro:bit Live Lesson will be screened to classrooms across the UK, where 11-13-year-olds will be challenged to stretch their computational thinking skills. They’ll have the help of guest experts from the fields of web search and computer gaming.

“Your funny little planet is about to be destroyed, unless you can help me,” the Time Lord has warned us. Sounds ominous – we’ll have to cross our fingers that the kids can save our future.


The Doctor Who and the micro:bit Live Lesson will take place on Tuesday 28th March at 11am