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Deadpool 3 "is not in Marvel's 5-year plan" says comic creator Rob Liefeld

A third instalment of the superhero franchise is "not a huge priority" for Marvel, according to the Deadpool comics' creator

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 12:49 pm

Deadpool fans won't be seeing a third instalment of the superhero franchise under the Marvel name for at least five years, according to Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the Deadpool comics.


Speaking to io9, Liefeld said he's seen Marvel's film production schedule for the next five years and it does not include plans for a Deadpool 3.

"What I do know is that until a movie is put on a schedule, it's not taken seriously," he said. "And what people don't like is that I have assessed the schedule for the next, give or take, five years and I don't see Deadpool on it. I don't see that it can arrive earlier than that."

A third Deadpool film, with Ryan Reynolds at the helm, was officially confirmed in December 2019 – the first of the franchise to be produced by Marvel. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were produced by 20th Century Fox, however following the company's acquisition by Disney, Deadpool was returned to Marvel Studios.

Rob Liefield (Credit: Getty Images)

Earlier this month, Liefeld told Inverse that the Deadpool franchise didn't need a third instalment – "the movies, they've set sail" – and that Marvel Studios had no plans for the character.

"I can't gloss it up. You want to know the plan with Deadpool right now? They have a goose egg, zero, zero," he said.

Clarifying those comments to io9, the comic book writer said: "Do I know that there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 right now? I know that. Yes. And does that worry me? No, not at all. What I did was I answered a question honestly."

"My take on it is it's not a huge priority. I wouldn't look for it any time soon," he added. "And if it was greenlit tomorrow, it's not coming out until I'm a lot older."

The first two Deadpool instalments, which star Ryan Reynolds as the immortal 'merc with a mouth', grossed almost $800 million each, with Deadpool 2 becoming the highest grossing R-Rated film of all time.

At the start of May, Ryan Reynolds told Total Film that he saw Disney's acquisition of Fox as "a good thing" and "a win for everyone involved" in Deadpool 3, for which a release date has not yet been confirmed.


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