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David Tennant's definition of Doctor Who could not be more perfect

Some might even say it's ten out of Tennant

Published: Monday, 14th August 2017 at 9:18 am

Defining Doctor Who can be rather difficult. How do you sum up more than 50 years of sci-fi history, more than five decades of adventures through space a time, and more interpretations of one character that you can shake a sonic screwdriver at?


Well, that answer is simple. Just ask David Tennant. The Tenth Doctor, as ever, has the perfect answer to the question, and he revealed it when asked to define the show in a single sentence during a recent Duck Tales event.

“It’s about a girl, in a box, who travels around the universe”, Tennant replied, clearly giving a nod to his former Broadchurch co-star Jodie Whittaker, who just so happened to turn to him for advice when she was cast as the 13th Doctor.

And y’know, when he was describing what the Duck Tales reboot is all about, he pretty much summed up the approach to the Doctor Who reboot too.

“When you break this down this a completely bonkers idea,” Tennant explained. “This is ducks who steal treasure, who go back in time, who go to Atlantis, it’s quite out there. This is a duck in a top hat. None of this makes actual sense. “

“And yet it all just, for some reason, combined and worked,” he continued. “So it’s probably worth another go. If mad ideas have worked that well once they’ll probably work that well again.”


Replace duck with Time Lord/alien with two hearts/bloke in a big blue police box. We think you’ll find it really just works.


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