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David Tennant reveals the perfect American to play Doctor Who

Who's next?

Published: Sunday, 17th April 2016 at 8:38 am

It's a favourite game amongst Doctor Who fans: who would make a great North American Doctor Who, if the Tardis were ever to permanently move across the pond. A lot of names are bandied around – we expect Nathan Fillion to appear at least seven times in comments beneath this article – but let's get the word from their illustrious predecessors.


During a rare double appearance at the Wizard World Con in New York, David Tennant and Matt Smith were both asked what actor they would choose to take over the role. “I always think Peter Sellers would have made quite a good Doctor," Matt Smith said, and he's absolutely right.

But we're most intrigued by David Tennant's answer. Can you guess? We'll give you a clue: he's an American actor who's still alive. No?

OK, here's another: David Tennant has famously been a Whovian since he was wee, but there is another modern show for which he is an unreserved fanboy.

Still nothing? OK, last hint: the actor would be swapping a white house for a blue box.

“Do you know Bradley Whitford?" Tennant asked the crowd. "He’s my American Doctor.”

Of course! Whitford played Josh Lyman, the brilliant but frantic deputy chief of staff from the West Wing. Tennant is a passionate fan of the show. Here he is dominating a special West Wing themed quiz, and here he is talking about the West Wing at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Now that he's pointed out the connection, we can see more than a shade of Joshua in Ten's fast talking cleverer-than-thou approach.


Fanboying aside, Whitford would genuinely make a great Doctor. After all, the Tardis does have infinite corridors down which to walk and talk, and we always got a distinct 'Doctor and Companion' vibe from Josh and Donna.


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