David and Georgia Tennant tried REALLY hard to troll a Poldark Twitter Q&A

The couple mocked Poldark star Christian Brassington's "poe-face" as they filmed him doing a Q&A over the phone

David Tennant and Christian Brassington, Instagram live, SL

What we wouldn’t give to hang out with power couple David and Georgia Tennant.


However, it seems that the Tennants can almost prove too much fun. The couple are apparently fans of pranking their friends and co-stars – and none more so than Christian Brassington, who plays Reverend Osborne Whitworth, a vicar with a foot fetish, in BBC drama Poldark.

Brassington, who co-stars alongside the couple in You, Me and Him, was filmed by Broadchurch and Doctor Who star David and his wife Georgia on Instagram live, as Brassington attempted to recite his answers to a Poldark Twitter Q&A over the phone.

The couple, who were joined by You, Me and Him writer and director Daisy Aitkens, mocked Brassington’s “poe-face” and repeated his serious answers back to him, before encouraging Aitkens to fix the Poldark actor’s “shiny” skin with makeup powder while he was still on the phone.

Luckily, however, Brassington didn’t appear too put out by the constant interruptions, even waving at the camera at the end of the (nine minute!) Instagram story and pulling poses at his co-stars’ request.


You, Me and Him was co-produced by Georgia Tennant and boasts two former Doctor Whos in its cast, as Georgia’s father Peter Davison also stars alongside David Tennant.

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