When it comes to ranking Marvel movies, 2013's Thor: The Dark World usually ends up somewhere near the bottom of the pile.


Speaking at New York Comic Con, Christopher Eccleston – who played the film's villain, the dark elf Malekith – opened up about working on the sequel. And though he heaped praise on his cast-mates Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins, he didn't have much else good to say about the film (besides the catering being up to scratch).

Recalling the lengthy prosthetics process he had to undergo to play Malekith, Eccleston said: “I was in make-up for six, seven hours every day – they didn’t tell me that up front, so I wasn’t pleased about that.

"There was a lack of humour in the film, I felt… so shall we move on?”

Thor: The Dark World – Christopher Eccleston as Malekith

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He added: "I understand that some people love that particular film, and some of you actually like Malekith the naughty elf, so that’s only my experience within it. But I know that people love the film and I accept that and I’m careful about it. I'm so diplomatic these days!"

The Doctor Who actor was far more positive about the third entry in the Thor series (which he wasn't in), 2017's Ragnarok, which he called "brilliantly written" – directed by Taika Waititi, that film was actually written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher L Yost.

Eccleston even suggested that he could be convinced to make another Marvel movie if the Ragnarok team were behind it. "If it was the guy[s] who wrote the third... I'll do that," he said.


Maybe Malekith could lighten up a little in the upcoming fourth entry Thor: Love and Thunder? Or, given that Eccleston was all but unrecognisable in The Dark World, maybe he could play a different character entirely? It worked for Gemma Chan...