Christopher Eccleston will be reprising his role as The Ninth Doctor in a brand new Doctor Who audio drama - and now we're getting a better look at the story and artwork from the stories, which will be released this spring


Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers will feature three stories, written by Big Finish Creative Director Nicholas Briggs, in which Eccleston's Doctor heads on a voyage of discovery once again with new friends and adventures in store.

It's been revealed that Eccleston (who played the Doctor for one series in 2005) will star in the audio drama alongside Save Me's Camilla Beeput (Nova), Silent Witness's Jayne McKenna (Audrey), Harry Potter and The Cursed Child's Jamie Parker (Captain Halloran), Sherlock Gnomes star Dan Starkey (Marcus Aurelius Gallius), Holmes & Watson's Ben Lee (Lieutenant Farraday) and Spitting Image's Clare Corbett (Ravagers).

The three episodes – Sphere of Freedom, Cataclysm and Food Fight – will mark Eccleston's return to Doctor Who after 15 years, when he first appeared in the sci-fi drama as The Ninth Doctor alongside companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper).

In Sphere of Freedom, the Doctor is tasked with shutting down an evil Immersive Games business empire with the help of galley chef Nova – although the plan fails spectacularly, while in Cataclysm, Nova becomes dislocated in time as the Time Eddies are out of control and the Doctor has to face the end of the universe.

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In the series' final instalment Food Fight, the TARDIS starts to get a little crowded with new additions Nova and Audrey, who finds herself haunted by a ghostly Doctor.

Plus, fans can now get their first look at the triple vinyl limited edition release below.

The Ninth Doctor audio adventure
Big Finish

Speaking to Briggs in December when the news of his return was announced, Christopher Eccleston said that he "really enjoyed" playing the Doctor again.

"He was always a joy to play, somebody with that amount of optimism, enthusiasm and brains – and heart… two hearts!" he said.


Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures - Ravagers is available to pre-order from £19.99 on the Big Finish website. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our Sci-Fi hub for the latest news.