Captain Jack’s been having fun with Rose’s mum – but is it a Torchwood or a Doctor Who episode?

It looks like John Barrowman and Camille Coduri have just finished recording a new instalment... of something...


John Barrowman and Camille Coduri – AKA Captain Jack Harkness and Jackie Tyler – have been having a lot of fun in the recording studio. But is it a new audio episode of Torchwood – or is Jack finally making a return to Doctor Who?


Barrowman tweeted pics of the pair at work together (if you can call having that much fun work) at the Big Finish Audio studio in Cardiff, but he was being rather cryptic about exactly what they’d been up to  and he specifically used the hashtag #DrWho, rather than #Torchwood.

While we know Barrowman has recently recorded an episode of Torchwood in which Captain Jack is reunited with Gareth David-Lloyd’s Ianto Jones, Coduri – who played companion Rose Tyler’s mum Jackie in Doctor Who – has never featured in Torchwood, while Barrowman has turned up numerous times in Doctor Who.

Meanwhile, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are currently recording a series of new Who adventures – so could Barrowman and Coduri also be involved?

The pair were teasing the possibility for all it’s worth, with Barrowman later posting a Facebook video in which they sing “It’s finished, it’s finished, it’s done, in the can,” before Barrowman adds “Don’t you wanna know what we just did?”


Yes, JB, we do…