First-look clip from Bryan Cranston’s Electric Dreams episode Human Is

Meet Silas, an emotionally abusive and cold-hearted military commander from the planet Terra

Bryan Cranston in Electric Dreams

Bryan Cranston is a real piece of work in a tense teaser clip for Electric Dreams episode Human Is.


The Channel 4 sci-fi anthology show stars Breaking Bad’s Cranston as a colonel called Silas who is emotionally abusive towards his wife Vera (Game of Thrones’ Essie Davis). Their planet, Terra, is running out of one vital resource: air.

Silas and Vera’s boss General Olin is planning to raid Rexor IV to save their own planet – at the expense of the Rexorians.

Vera is deeply troubled by the destruction of another species. But as they argue over breakfast, it becomes clear that Cranston’s character is cold-hearted and cruel, with absolute loyalty only to the state. Who will win this battle of wills?


Electric Dreams episode Human Is airs on Sunday 29th October on Channel 4 at 9pm