Fleabag’s Brett Gelman will be a series regular in Stranger Things season 4

The actor has played private investigator Murray Bauman since series two of Netflix's sci-fi hit


Brett Gelman will be made a series regular on Stranger Things season 4, following the popularity of his recurring character Murray Bauman, a private investigator and conspiracy theorist, throughout series two and three.


Gelman is best known for his role as Murray and for starring in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, in which he plays the insufferable husband of Fleabag’s high-maintenance sister, Claire.

Murray was first introduced in series two, when he was hired by Barbara “Barb” Holland’s parents to try and discover what had happened to their daughter (she was killed by the Demigorgon in series one), before helping Nancy and Jonathan expose the wrongdoing of Hawkins National Laboratory and achieve justice for Barb.

In series three, his ability to speak Russian came in handy when he served as a translator for Alexei, a sympathetic Russian who revealed to Chief Hopper the extent of the Russian complex beneath Starcourt Mall.


Murray’s language skills may prove even more important in series 4, which appears to be partly set in Russia following a new teaser clip revealing that Hopper has been captured and is being forced to work for the Soviets. Could Murray and the kids team-up and embark on a daring rescue mission in Russia?