Doctor Who: Vote for the best Doctor of all time!

Who’s your top Time Lord from the 13 Doctors we’ve met so far? It’s time to pick an incarnation!

Doctor Who Tardis

Who is the best Doctor? It’s a question that’s dominated Doctor Who fandom for decades from its first few years, through a move to colour TV, later cancellation, years in the wilderness and the last 15 years of the series’ grand revival.


With 13 actors (give or take) playing the lead role in the series, it’s a fair point to address – and whether they’d admit it or not, every fan has a Doctor that’s their Doctor.

So today we’re asking a simple question – which Doctor is your Doctor? Which version of the Time Lord remains your ride-or-regenerate, which TARDIS owner has the key to your hearts, and which would you give it all up to travel in time and space with?

Well, now’s your chance to let us know – so vote!

While we’ve asked fans this question before over the years there’s always a new Doctor or two to add to the tally, so with Jodie Whittaker now at the helm of the show (and with no sign of her handing in the sonic screwdriver any time soon) it seemed like the perfect opportunity to check who Whovians are still rooting for.

We’ve only included “lead” Doctors here – actors who canonically held the role as the incumbent Doctor at one time or another, so we’re afraid John Hurt, Jo Martin, Peter Cushing and David Bradley won’t be be sneaking into the reckoning – you have to choose between the “main” 13, casting your vote for whichever Doctor you think truly nailed what it means to be a Time Lord.

Does your vote go for William Hartnell’s irascible First Doctor, Patrick Troughton’s “cosmic hobo” Second or Jon Pertwee’s martial-arts loving fashion icon The Third Doctor? Does Tom Baker’s longest-reigning Fourth Doctor still have what it takes, or do his classic series successors – Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors respectively – surpass him in your eyes?

Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor may not have been around long on-screen, but did his audio drama era courtesy of Big Finish earn him a special place in your affections? Or when the series returned in 2005, did Christopher Eccleston’s war-torn Ninth Doctor and David Tennant’s romantic Tenth Doctor scrub all memories of their former selves from your minds?

Or maybe you prefer something a little more recent – Matt Smith’s old-soul Eleventh Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s grumpy-turned-professorial Twelfth Doctor or the current holder of the title, Jodie Whittaker herself?

Ready with a clear and decisive answer, your finger poised to express your personal preference? Well, better scroll on back up and vote. While there can be as many Doctors as the universe needs at any one time, in our poll there can be only one winner…


Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks airs in late 2020/early 2021. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV Guide.