Avengers: Endgame fans spot mistake with Doctor Strange

Blink and you'll miss this one


Avengers: Endgame nit-pickers have spotted a continuity error in the film. In the final battle scene, Doctor Strange can be seen sporting the Eye of Agamatto (the necklace in which he keeps the time stone) which had been destroyed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.


In most of Strange’s shots in the film –he is brought back to life by Hulk’s Infinity Gauntlet Snap– he is seen without the piece of jewellery, but in a very brief shot on the battlefield, he appears to be wearing it again.

Instagram user ironman.tw shared a screenshot of the offending image. Check it out below.

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Wait…what?? The Eye of Agamotto ????????????  Hey guys,thanks for your comments, but the real question is, The Eye of Agamotto "only" shows up in "Avengers Assemble" shot, doesn't show up in any of the other shots, that's why I put the upper image for.  #avengersendgame  #avengers  #endgame  #infinitywar  #marvel  #marvelcomics  #marvelstudios  #captainamerica  #ironman  #warmachine #thor  #blackwidow  #hawkeye  #hulk #spiderMan #spidermanfarfromhome #復仇者聯盟 #終局之戰 #漫威 #美國隊長 #鋼鐵人 #戰爭機器 #黑寡婦 #蜘蛛人 #蜘蛛人離家日 #蜘蛛人返校日

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As the film has been released for home viewing, fans are now able to pause the film and screen-grab to their hearts’ desire, meaning this may not be the last we hear of visual errors in the film.

The scene in question is a jam-packed battle sequence with dozens of MCU heroes, so it’s no real surprise that something slipped through the net. We’ll let them off the hook.


Avengers: Endgame is out on digital download