Arthur Darvill: I will definitely work with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan again

The former Doctor Who companion exclusively reveals to his desire to reunite with his co-stars

Arthur Darvill may have left Rory Williams back in Manhattan, but that won’t spell the end for his partnership with Doctor Who co-stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The three are known to be firm buddies and Arthur has confirmed he intends to work with them again.


“We’ve all said to each other we’ve got to give it five years, but I think they’re two absolutely brilliant actors and I love working with them”, Darvill told when asked about the chances of a reunion for future projects.

He added: “Matt and I did a play together called Swimming with Sharks before we worked on Doctor Who and we really get each other. I think we manage to surprise one another quite a bit, and we’ll definitely work together again at some point in the future.”

Well, thank goodness for that… And you’ll be pleased to know the merry trio have stayed in touch since filming in Cardiff wrapped earlier this year. “Karen’s in America doing a bloody movie but we’ve been speaking on the phone when the time difference will allow,” reveals Arthur.

“She’s doing really well out there. And it was really nice to see Matt at the press night for my play Our Boys (co-starring Lawrence Fox and Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis). We hadn’t properly seen each other since Doctor Who started going out, but it’s so weird to think he’s still filming at the moment. I sometimes phone him in the evening to see what he’s doing and he’s just sitting in his flat learning lines. Nothing changes…”


Arthur will appear as barber Bradley Burroughs in an upcoming episode of BBC1 drama The Paradise