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Andy Serkis to read The Hobbit in 12-hour marathon to raise money for NHS

The Lord of the Rings star will not take a break during the epic reading.

Andy Serkis
Published: Thursday, 7th May 2020 at 2:52 pm

Consider a Lord of The Rings marathon Hobbits’ play? Then do we have a binge for you: Gollum actor Andy Serkis is set to give a continuous 12-hour live-reading of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein.


The star has vowed to take no breaks during the performance, which is raising precious money for NHS Charities Together and Best Beginnings.

Fans will be able to donate via a GoFundMe campaign. The reading will take place from 10am on bank holiday Friday (7th May), with streaming details to follow.

Announcing his plans on social media, the Black Panther star said: “So many of us are struggling in isolation during the lockdown. While times are tough, I want to take you on one of the greatest fantasy adventures ever written, a 12-hour armchair marathon across Middle-earth, while raising money for two amazing charities which are doing extraordinary work right now to help those most in need.”

If you’re wondering, Serkis’ reading of the 1937 novel following the journey of Bilbo Baggins to the Lonely Mountain will actually be longer than Peter Jackson’s film trilogy.

While Skersis’ reading is expected to take half a day, watching An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug, The Battle of the Five Armies would set you back almost eight hours (nine hours if you watch the extended editions).

In other words, you’ll have time in the day to watch The Hobbit reading then embark on a epic movie marathon. Just make sure you spare the time to donate to Serkis in between.

Now, fly you fools!


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