Aidan Turner doesn’t want to play Doctor Who – but he knows who should

The Poldark and the Hobbit star has a surprise pick for the next Time Lord


After starring in films like the Hobbit, making a nation swoon in BBC drama Poldark and being in the running for the next James Bond, you’d think that a role like the Doctor in Doctor Who would be a cinch for Irish actor Aidan Turner.


But as it turns out, Turner has no interest in the part – because he thinks that friend and former Being Human co-star Russell Tovey (who previously appeared in the sci-fi series, and was once rumoured to be on a shortlist for the main role) is the man to take over the Tardis after Peter Capaldi.

“He’d do a very good job, wouldn’t he?” Poldark asked backstage at MCM comic-con in London, where he was appearing alongside Tovey and Lenora Crichlow for a special Being Human reunion panel.

“Yeah, I’d be all for that. I’d sign that petition. He’d smash it – he’d kill it!”


Russell Tovey in Banished

“They’d be very lucky to have him,” agreed Crichlow, adding to Tovey: “You’d be MY Doctor.”

Clearly a choice everyone can get behind – except maybe Tovey himself, who only responded to his former colleagues with an ambiguous “so there you go.”


Sure, he’s not that enthusiastic now, but give the Whovians time – we’re sure they can convince him…