A new series of Torchwood stories is set to explore Ianto’s back story

What happend before Ianto met Captain Jack? Get ready for Torchwood: Before the Fall


It’s been a very good week for Torchwood fans. First the Doctor Who spin-off marked its tenth anniversary by announcing a brand new audio drama, The Torchwood Archive.


Now, we have even more Torchwood to celebrate: producers Big Finish have announced that they will go back to the sci-fi series’ origins with a brand new series exploring the life of Ianto Jones – before Captain Jack arrived on the scene.

Torchwood: Before the Fall will focus on Ianto (played by Gareth David-Lloyd) and his Torchwood boss Yvonne Hartman (Tracy-Ann Oerman). The three-hour story takes the action to London and headquarters Torchwood One (the Cardiff base was known as Torchwood Three).

Check out the full synopsis here.

London, 2005. Yvonne Hartman is the undisputed head of Torchwood One. Above the government, beyond the police, she has excellent people skills; enjoys regular tea with the Queen; and effortlessly defends the British Empire from alien threats.

Yvonne Hartman is excellent at her job, and inspires devotion in everyone who works with her – until, one day, she makes a terrible mistake. We all make mistakes. But only at Torchwood can a single mistake plunge your world into interstellar war.

Yvonne Hartman’s facing the fight of her life. One she’s going to win.

The series will be released in January 2017 on the Big Finish website, written by Joseph Lidster, Jenny T Colgan and Matt Fitton, and directed by Barnaby Edwards.

Meanwhile, John Barrowman is still keen to develop the possibility of a Torchwood TV return, saying that he is in talks to bring the series back to the small screen.


The new photos of Captain Jack and Ianto’s return to Torchwood are just adorable