A Doctor Who series 10 deleted scene would have seen Peter Capaldi playing guitar at a gig

The Time Lord was actually supposed to play the musical matchmaker between Bill and Heather in series opener The Pilot


Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord sure is fond of his guitar.


He’s whipped it out on more than one occasion, playing to a roaring crowd during series nine’s The Magician’s Apprentice and regaling us with Beethoven’s 5th in Before The Flood, but did you know he was supposed to do it all over again in series 10 opener The Pilot?

Director Lawrence Gough sat down for a chat with Den of Geek and revealed that Capaldi had actually filmed a mini gig for the episode, but it failed to make the final cut.

“There was a whole sequence in the bar scene, where Heather and Bill first meet, and we spin around them. When we spin around them, what was originally revealed was that the Doctor was on stage playing guitar,” Gough explained.

The musical scene, which would have featured a heavy metal version of Clara’s Theme (used later in the finished episode), saw The Doctor playing matchmaker for Bill and Heather.

“It’s a great sequence, it was lovely to shoot.”, Gough said. “She hears the guitar and people part, and as she goes to look who’s playing this eerie tune, which was Clara’s Theme, played in a heavy metal way.”

“Then she runs to Heather, and the camera spins round to see the Doctor in-between them, as if he’s drawing them together. It’s all part of that time and space montage”, the director continued.

“It was lovely, and it was a really great sequence. Peter was great, and with all the extras, the place was packed out. He did this whole sequence on the guitar, and we filmed the whole thing. Everyone was really into it, as if you were in a club watching a band.”

Why cut it from the episode, then?

“We wanted that bit to be montage-y and quite pacey, so it was one of those things that had to go,” Gough explained. “Something had to go, so that went.”

Any chance of an extended director’s cut, d’ya think?


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