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5 things we learned from the first Torchwood audio drama

Instagram, lingerie and conspiracy theories abound in the return of John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness

Published: Monday, 14th September 2015 at 10:00 am

After 5 years away from the world Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood is back, with the first audio drama based on the series now available for download. Starring John Barrowman and John Sessions, new story The Conspiracy is the first of 6 dramas to bring the team back to the Whoniverse, with other cast returning for later episodes.


It’s all very exciting, we’re sure you can agree – but what can you expect from Torchwood’s audio return? Well, we’ve had a listen and here’s what you’ll get if you listen to Captain Jack Harkness’ solo campaign against the forces of darkness…

1. Its plot is based entirely on conspiracy theories

The plot revolves around a former newsreader (played by John Sessions) who believes the world is being run by a group of aliens called The Committee, with real-life government scandals and conspiracies referenced throughout the audio drama (including MK-Ultra and the Bilderberg group).

2. Instagram has officially entered the Whoniverse

A blogger who confront Jack is an avid user of the photo app – not quite sure how that works when the story is apparently set pre-2009 when Torchwood Three was still intact (Instagram started in 2010), but we can probably blame that on pesky rift energy.

3. Torchwood is still the least secret secret organisation ever

People are still noticing the branded SUV with the throbbing lights and the man swanning around Cardiff in a huge World War Two greatcoat, surprisingly enough. But now, the organisation's notoriety is getting innocent people hurt…

4. Captain Jack’s pre-Doctor Who past comes back to bite him

The villains in the audio story have a history with the Captain on a faraway alien world – and he might just owe them an explanation or two. Apparently, his charming criminal days before he met the Doctor and Rose had a few darker edges than we realised.

5. None of the other Torchwood team appear

We sort of already knew this would be the case, but couldn’t help but hope they’d have a little cameo anyway. Still, though Eve Myles’ Gwen Cooper is referenced a couple of times (including a phonecall with Jack where she warns him about Weevils invading a lingerie department), it looks like we’ll have to wait until the other audio dramas in the Torchwood series come out to hear from the rest of the gang.


Torchwood: The Conspiracy is available for download now


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