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Meet the cast of Episodes season five

Who's playing who in the final series of the Matt LeBlanc, Tamsin Grieg and Stephen Mangan sitcom?

Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan, and Tamsin Greig in Episodes
Published: Friday, 30th March 2018 at 12:30 pm

Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan, and Tamsin Grieg's sitcom Episodes returns to our TV screens for a fifth and final series.


The comedy, which follows a pair of British writers who were lured to LA to remake their smash hit UK TV series for US audiences, features a host of familiar names and faces.

Let's meet the men and women who bring the characters to life.

Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc is Matt Le Blanc
Matt LeBlanc as Matt Le Blanc (Hat Trick/BBC)

The fictional version of Matt LeBlanc is now the reluctant host of an absurdly cruel game show called The Box.

Where have I seen Matt LeBlanc before?

You'll probably know him best as Joey Tribbiani from Friends and his spin-off series, Joey. More recently he's been presenting Top Gear in the UK and starring in US sitcom Man with a Plan

Stephen Mangan as Sean Lincoln

Stephen Mangan is Sean Lincoln
Stephen Mangan as Sean Lincoln - (Hat Trick/BBC)

Sean is one half of a writing duo, who moved to the USA to develop new TV shows

Where have I seen Stephen Mangan before?

Mangan is perhaps best known for his roles as Guy Secretan in Green Wing and Dan Moody in I’m Alan Partridge. He’s also an award-nominated theatre star.

Tamsin Greig as Beverly Lincoln

Tamsin Greig is Beverly Lincoln
Tamsin Greig as Beverly Lincoln (Hat Trick/BBC)

Sean's writing partner has enjoyed the move to Hollywood a lot less than he has.

Where have I seen Tamsin Greig before?

Greig shot to fame playing Fran Katzenjammer in Black Books and also starred in Green Wing as Dr Caroline Todd. She’s played mum Jackie in Friday Night Dinner, Debbie Aldridge in The Archers. And Miss Bates in the BBC’s adaptation of Emma. She’s also an Olivier Award-winning actress, picking up Best Actress in 2007 for her role in Much Ado About Nothing.

John Pankow as Merc Lapidus

John Pankow is Merc Lapidus
John Pankow as Merc Lapidus (Hat Trick/BBC)

Merc is the president of the network, who really loves The Box.

Where have I seen John Pankow before?

Pankow played Ira Buchman in US sitcom Mad About You and has popped up in numerous films including The Secret of My Success, Bride Wars, and Morning Glory.

Kathleen Rose Perkins as Carol Rance

Kathleen Rose Perkins is Carol Rance
Kathleen Rose Perkins as Carol Rance (Hat Trick/BBC)

Carol is the network's head of programming

Where have I seen Kathleen Rose Perkins before?

Perkins has appeared in numerous US TV shows including You’re The Worst, Code Black, NCIS: Los Angeles and ‘Til Death.

Andrea Savage as Helen Basch

Andrea Savage is Helen Basch
Andrea Savage as Helen Basch (Hat Trick/BBC)

Helen is a network executive with a jealous streak.

Where have I seen Andrea Savage before?

Actress, comedian, and writer Savage has appeared in films like Step Brothers and I Love You, Beth Cooper. She starred in Sweet Valley High in the early 1990s and has appeared in The West Wing, The King of Queens, Modern Family, American Dad, iZombie and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Michael Brandon as Elliot Salad

Michael Brandon is Elliot Salad
Michael Brandon as Elliot Salad (Hat Trick/BBC)

Salad is the chairman of the network

Where have I seen Michael Brandon before?

Michael Brandon is probably best known to British audiences as James Dempsey of Dempsey and Makepeace. He’s appeared in many TV series, including Ally McBeal, Dynasty: The Reunion, Bones, Casualty and The Bill, to name but a few.

Fiona Glascott as Diane

Fiona Glascott as Diane
Fiona Glascott as Diane (Hat Trick/BBC)

Diane is Matt's ex-wife and mother to his two children

Where have I seen Fiona Glascott before?

Glascott has starred in Ballykissangel, A Touch of Frost, Death in Paradise, The Musketeers, and Brooklyn. She’s also due to appear in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Bruce Mackinnon as Tim

Tim Whittick is Bruce Mackinnon
Tim Whittick as Bruce Mackinnon (Hat Trick/BBC)

Sean's former writing partner describes Beverly as the Yoko Ono of their relationship


Where have I seen Bruce Mackinnon before?

British TV fans will recognize Mackinnon as one half of Mat and Mackinnon. He has starred in TV shows including The Office, The Catherine Tate Show, Smack the Pony and Rome.


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