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Matt Le Blanc reveals embarrassing Friends audition story

He's lucky he got the role of Joey...

Published: Wednesday, 26th May 2021 at 5:00 pm

Matt Le Blanc is such a big star these days, he probably doesn't have to audition for any parts.


But back when Friends was being created, he was one of many actors doing his best to secure the role of aspiring actor, Joey.

And while he managed to impress the sitcom's writers, Martha Kaufmann and David Crane, he almost fell at the final hurdle, when he turned up to his final audition with a massive bruise on his face.

'I remember I’d gone in a bunch of times for auditions, and I had to go back for the final callback,' Le Blanc explains, speaking on Friends: The Reunion, which airs tomorrow night on Sky One. 'I’d gone to run lines with a friend and he said that if I was auditioning for a show about friends hanging out then we should go out drinking!

'So we went out and I woke up in the middle of the night in his apartment, went to the bathroom and got up too fast. I blacked out, fell face first into the toilet seat and a huge chunk of meat came off my nose, it was bleeding... I had to go in for the big callback with a big ugly scab on my face. I told the truth about what happened and got the job!'

Phew, we can't imagine what would have happened if the show's producers hadn't seen the funny side of the story! It is also revealed in tomorrow night's show that Matt Le Blanc was the third of the Friends stars to be cast, after David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow.


Friends: The Reunion will be available to watch on NOW from 8am tomorrow morning, and will air on Sky One at 8pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.


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