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Italy Unpacked: First look pictures of Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli’s new adventure

The art critic and Italian chef pack their bags once again and discover more culture and food in the sunny European nation logo
Published: Thursday, 9th January 2014 at 9:09 am

British historian and art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon and Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli are back together for a second series of Italy Unpacked (9pm, January 10 on BBC2).


In the first episode, the pair whisk us away to the mountainous area of Liguria, which inspired English Romantic poets. On their journey, they pass Genoa, with it’s Baroque architecture, incredible art history and spectacular facades. Then it’s over to lesser-discovered areas of Tuscany, to learn about the Renaissance art in Pistoia.

Naturally, Locatelli will be creating an array of regional culinary delights along the way, including treats such as pesto alla Genovese and the catch of the day.

See below for a first look at their adventures:

Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli outside the Piazza dei Miracoli, in Pisa, Tuscany.

Fresh catch of the day in Livorno. Andrew and Giorgio pose with Michelangelo Rongo.

The 16th century Parco dei Mostri Bomarzo, otherwise known as the Park of the Monsters due to the surreal stone figures found here.

The pair in an Etruscan Tomb in Tarquinia, an ancient city in the province of Viterbo.

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The chef and historian against the backdrop of Naples.

The Roman Catholic co-cathedral and minor basilica Church of Sant'Andrea, in Pistoia. This beautiful design was commissioned by Ludovico III Gonzaga.

In front of the Cattedrale di Sant'Andre in the Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi.

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Watch Italy Unpacked at 9pm, January 10, on BBC2


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