How to follow the cast of Peaky Blinders on Instagram and Twitter

The Shelbys take to social media...


Can’t get enough Peaky Blinders? Well, you won’t find a better way to get an insight into the world of your favourite show than following the actors behind the fictional criminal gang. Just don’t let them see you – the Blinders don’t take well to tattle-tales.


Let’s start with the bad news: Cillian Murphy (Thomas Shelby) and Helen McCrory (Polly Gray) have no public social media accounts. But plenty of the cast do!

Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby)

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Season Fkn 4

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Paul Anderson doesn’t use Twitter, but he does have an active Instagram account which he uses to post sneak peaks of the new Peaky Blinders series, as well as some fun (read, unnecessary) posts like when he felt the need to inform us all about his new glasses that may not actually have a prescription. His strongest offerings online are certainly his photos of his dog, Ray, pictured above in a Peaky Blinders-style hat.

Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne)

Sophie Rundle can be found on Twitter, but she prefers Instagram. Describing herself as a ‘human woman’ (in case we get confused) she posts a lot of promotional pics from her most recent series, Gentleman Jack, interspersed with photos of her puppy, Buddy.

Sam Neill (Chester Campbell)

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Made a new besty beasty today

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Sam Neill is active on both Instagram and Twitter. In contrast to his pipe-smoking, humourless character Chester Campbell, his offerings are reliably cheerful and tend to alternate between cute pictures of him with his grandchildren and cute pictures of him with animals, like his ‘new besty beasty’ above. Sam Neill: actor, writer, producer, director, vineyard owner, and now a neologist too. Is there nothing that this man can’t do?

Annabelle Wallis (Grace Shelby)

Unlike Neill, Annabelle Wallis isn’t interested in being anything but an actress – which seems to include not being a person who knows how to use apostrophes – if her Twitter bio is anything to go by:

Her usual Instagram posts follow her travels around the world in stunning outfits, marking her as a more serious Instagram user than her puppy-posting co-stars.

Joe Cole (John Shelby)

John Shelby is no more – being shot by a dozen bullets tends to have that effect – but Joe Cole is alive and well on Twitter and Instagram. His social media presence is even more sombre than Wallis’s, consisting mostly of monochrome shots of him trying to look candid.

Finn Cole (Michael Gray)

Finn Cole is one of the few cast members who actually writes tweets, rather than only re-tweeting others’ posts. He writes whatever’s on his mind, but we particularly like this disarming response to a troll:

As for Instagram, he mostly just posts glossy head-shots. Occasionally though, he gives us an insight into the man behind the jawline, like he did with this surprising musical debut in 2018.

Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons)

In a move that foreshadowed his character Alfie Solomons’ death, Tom Hardy has ghosted us all online, having deleted every last one of his social media accounts. However, his social media history is so fascinating that he still deserves a mention. In a classic Hardy move, his last words on Twitter in 2013 were reportedly, ‘Getting bored with twitter now’. This barely-used account apparently also contained gems like ‘I don’t need to verify sh*t.


Peaky Blinders will be returning for a fifth series in 2019.