Viewers are (mostly) loving the antics of The Great British Bake Off contestant, Rowan, the music teacher from Worcestershire who dresses like he means business but bakes like he's on flexi-time.


Rowan has worked his way into the audience's favour with a selection of quirky comments and an inability to deliver his bakes on time or to specification, much to judge Paul Hollywood's obvious displeasure. His coconut macaroons were not flavour of the month or, as he put, they were the "cat's lavatory".

Viewers were desperate to give him advice from afar. "On one hand, I want Rowan to tone his bakes down so that he has a chance to complete things... On the other hand, I NEVER EVER want Rowan to tone his bakes down," posted one.

Viewers seemed to like his "keep calm and carry on" style.

When it came to the showstopper, Rowan decided to throw the works at it. His lighthouse teapot creation was called Worse Things Happen at Sea.

Another fan shared Hollywood's frustration at Rowan's lackadaisical approach.

Rowan has said previously that he's over-stretches himself.

“My strengths are ambition in ideas and design. My weakness is over-ambition and no interest in timings!”

Despite his hope he had enough time to finish his showstopper, many felt he "no intention" of doing so.

Some viewers didn't sugar-coat their thoughts about his baking ability.

His irrepressible personality appealed to many Bake Off fans, however, who loved his "mad ideas".

Almost universally social media agreed that Rowan was going home this week. He himself admitted his position had been "precarious, but tipped over to oblivion".

But did he get sent home? Find out on the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4.


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