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Who is Yara Flor from DC Comics' Wonder Girl series on The CW?

A powerful new player in the DC Universe is coming to live-action.

DC Future State: Yara Flor promo artwork
DC Comics
Published: Tuesday, 17th November 2020 at 4:05 pm

DC's television universe is getting yet another groundbreaking hero, this time a new iteration of Wonder Girl who is set to make her comic book debut in January.


Yara Flor is the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian River God, who will be the first Latina character to lead her own DC Comics series on The CW, joining the likes of Batwoman and The Flash.

However, Yara is not the first character to hold the mantle of Wonder Girl, with another incarnation currently appearing on another show, so longtime readers may have some questions. is here to clear up any confusion with everything you need to know about Yara Flor, the latest Wonder Girl, ahead of her first appearance.

Who is Yara Flor?

Yara Flor is due to make her debut in DC's comic books in January as part of its upcoming Future State event, which sees an assortment of brand new characters take on pivotal roles.

Among these stories, we will learn the full origin of Yara Flor in Future State: Wonder Woman #1, before she spins off into her own ongoing series to be titled Wonder Girl.

What we know so far is that Yara is the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian River God, who will rise to defend Themyscira in the absence of its champion, Diana Prince (aka the original Wonder Woman).

Her first adventure will see her venture into the underworld to save one of her sisters from the villainous Hades, with the synopsis promising she will "change the history of Wonder Woman forever".

The upcoming adaptation from The CW may make some changes to Yara's origin, with early reports describing her as a Dreamer who discovers she is Wonder Girl and takes on evil forces plotting to destroy the world.

Who was original Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)?

There have been other characters in the DC Universe to go by the name of Wonder Girl, with arguably the most famous being Donna Troy.

Her origin story is infamously complicated, with no fewer than five different versions being told in the pages of mainstream DC Comics stories.

The latest version, which is canon in the current continuity, states that she was made out of clay with the sole purpose to defeat Wonder Woman, but she was rescued from this dark path in life by the Amazons.

Donna Troy is one of the principal characters on DC's Titans, a superhero television series which airs on Netflix in the UK, where she is played by Conor Leslie (The Man in the High Castle).

How does this series connect with DC's Titans?

The CW's upcoming Wonder Girl series is unlikely to connect with DC's Titans in any substantial way.

Following the ambitious Crisis on Infinite Earths event, which saw virtually every DC television series collide via cameos or full supporting roles, the story of Titans has now returned to its self-contained Earth-9.

It's unclear which reality Wonder Girl will be set in, but it is likely to be either its own parallel world (a la Stargirl) or the mainline Arrowverse alongside the majority of The CW's line-up.


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