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Will a favourite Game of Thrones character return as a White Walker?

This may not be the last we have seen of this beloved character...

Published: Friday, 28th April 2017 at 11:39 am

In Game of Thrones, death isn't always as permanent as you'd expect - so you can't blame us for speculating. Especially when there could actually be hope of seeing poor Hodor again.


Actor Kristian Nairn has teased that audiences may not have seen the last of the gentle giant, even though he apparently died in season six.

Could he actually return?


"As a fan I'm not sure I would love that, but as an actor I would absolutely love that and it would be so much fun to play that," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "But I kind of think it's nice the way it's left, there have been enough rebirth moments in Game of Thrones.

"Maybe he's not dead, maybe he's just roaming round the countryside eating berries like a grizzly bear!"

And Nairn may have denied that Hodor could get a frosty makeover as a White Walker, but it was a pretty weak "no" with plenty of wiggle room.

"I'm just going to say no but I might be lying,"he teased. "I can't give anything away. I have let things slip before by accident and I've learnt the hard way."

In fact, Nairn was actually the one to bring up the idea of Hodor's return immediately after his season six death scene.

"The interesting thing is it’s kinda left open," he told EW. "You don’t actually see him [die]. It’s implied. So who knows? He may come back as a White Walker, maybe he got away."


Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres exclusively on 17th July on Sky Atlantic and online streaming service NOW TV at 2am, repeated at 9pm on the same day


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