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Born between 20th January - 18th February

You independent air sign, you. You're on the same astral plane as superhero Aquaman (29th Jan); Harry Potter's Lily Potter (30th Jan) and Arthur Weasley (6th Feb); Desperate Housewife Gabrielle Solis (11th Feb); New Girl Jess Day (13th Feb); Friends fave Phoebe Buffay (16th Feb); and Mr Jack Bauer himself (18th Feb.)


Born between 19th February and 20th March

Compassionate, artistic and gentle, you're awfully similar to this bumper crop of like-minded Pisceans: Bruce Wayne, aka Batman (19th Feb); X-Files agent Dana Scully (23rd Feb); super scientist Sheldon Cooper (26th Feb); Superman (29th Feb); Modern Family's Cameron Tucker (29th Feb); Harry Potter's BFF Ron Weasley (1st Mar); Aragorn son of Arathorn (1st Mar); Remus Lupin (10th Mar); Homer Simpson (12th Mar); everyone's OC crush Ryan Atwood (19th Mar) and, erm, Big Bird (20th Mar.)


Born between 21st March and 19th April

You're determined, impulsive and eternally optimistic. Much like Starfleet captain James T Kirk (22nd Mar); Upper East Side hottie Nate Archibald (27th Mar); Bart Simpson (1st Apr); troublemakers Fred and George Weasley (1st Apr); dreamy Seth Cohen (6th Apr); Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler (7th Apr); Carrie's Mr Big (7th Apr) and the one and only Chandler Bing (8th Apr.)


Born between 20th April and 20th Mary

This lot are reliable, responsible and just the tiniest bit stubborn, like all you earthy Taurans are known to be. You share your zodiac sign with Friends' Monica Gellar (22nd Apr); unlucky-in-love architect Ted Mosby (25th Apr); everyone's favourite mum Lorelai Gilmore (26th Apr); kilt-wearing highlander Jamie Fraser (1st May); Monica's BFF Rachel Green (5th May); the girl on fire herself Katniss Everdeen (8th May); Lisa Simpson (9th May) and Pretty Little Liar Aria Montgomery (14th May.)


Born between May 21st and June 20th?

You're a curious, creative and thoughtful person. So is Lost's John Locke (30th May); vampire-sympathiser Sookie Stackhouse (24th May); advertising god Don Draper (1st Jun); wizard Draco Malfoy (5th Jun); Forrest Gump (6th Jun); charmed one Piper Halliwell (7th Jun); time traveller Marty McFly (12th Jun); Carrie Bradshaw (15th Jun); and sparkly-skinned Edward Cullen (20th Jun.)


Born between 21st June and 22nd July

You share a horoscope with these imaginative, emotional and loyal lovelies. Think Princess Anna from Frozen (21st Jun); Dobby the House Elf (27th Jun); Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen (29th Jun); Will Smith's Fresh Prince (3rd Jul); Sherlock's right hand man Dr Watson (7th Jul); the perpetually charming Chuck Bass (12th Jul); Jean Luc Picard (13th Jul); Sex and the City sweetheart Charlotte (14th Jul); and Seth Cohen's long-term love Summer (16th Jul.)


Born between 23rd July and 22nd August

You're creative, passionate, warm-hearted (and the just the tiniest bit self-centered), just like Robin Scherbatsky (23rd Jul); lovely Neville Longbottom (30th Jul); The Boy Who Lived Harry Potter (31st Jul); The Joker (1st Aug); Ginny Weasley (11th Aug); and Superman's squeeze Lois Lane (17th Aug.)


Born between 23rd August and 22nd September

You're a Virgo. Analytical, practical, hard-working but kind above all else, just like Tony Soprano (24th Aug); vampire-lover Bella Swan (13th Sep); Mr Burns (15th Sep); teacher's pet Hermione Granger (19th Sep); and both Bilbo AND Frodo Baggins (22nd Sept.)


Born between 23rd September and 22nd October

Then the stars dictate that you're diplomatic, peaceful and incredibly social. So is New Girl's Nick Miller (29th Sep); blue-haired Marge Simpson (1st Oct); magical Minerva McGonagall (4th Oct); Rory Gilmore (8th Oct); conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder (13th Oct); Liz Lemon (4th Oct); palaeontologist Ross Gellar (18th Oct); and time-travelling healer Claire Fraser (20th Oct.)


Born between 23rd October and 21st November

This water sign is trustworthy, dedicated and brave by nature. You're joined by Will, of Will and Grace (23rd Oct); the Cookie Monster (2nd Nov); eternal singleton Bridget Jones (9th Nov); 007 James Bond (11th Nov); New York schemer Blair Waldorf (12th Nov); and Mickey Mouse (18th Nov.)


Born between 22nd November and 21st December

Then you must be funny, ambitious, open-minded and idealistic. Much like this fiery lot: Doctor Who companion Clara Oswald (23rd Nov); Outlander Brianna Randal Fraser (23rd Nov); Big Bang Theory's Penny (2nd Dec); Malcolm, from The Middle (5th Dec); Lost's Jack Shephard (3rd Dec); Harry's loyal friend Hagrid (6th Dec); and Glee queen Rachel Berry (18th Dec.)


Born between 22nd December and 19th January

Responsible, practical and seriously self-controlled with heaps of self belief. Sound like you? It certainly sounds like this lot: Frozen's Queen Elsa (22nd Dec); Lord Voldemort (31st Dec); Sherlock Holmes (6th Jan); Severus Snape (9th Jan); vampire slayer Buffy (19th Jan.)


Images: Jutta Kuss