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Vote for your favourite Game of Thrones season 2 moment

There was plenty to enjoy as we returned to Westeros

Published: Friday, 15th July 2016 at 1:56 pm

Ned Stark may have been gone, but there were still plenty of amazing moments in Game of Thrones' second series - which was your favourite? Check out the reminders below, and then get voting!


Note: You can vote more than once and for more than one moment if you refresh the page – winners will be chosen for the top 10 by net number of votes, so more than one per season can make the final tally.

(Contains some violence and nudity).

S2 e4 – Joffrey tortures Sansa

The unfortunate Sansa Stark faced the full cruelty of King Joffrey and Ser Meryn Trant in these uncomfortable scenes.

S2 e4 – Melisandre gives birth

We’d seen magic in Game of Thrones before, but not like this, with The Red Woman’s “birth” of a Stannis smoke-monster remaining one of the series’ creepiest moments.

S2 e6 – Theon kills Ser Rodrik

Theon Greyjoy’s descent into darkness catalyzed in these grim and uncompromising scenes, which saw him forced to execute childhood mentor Ser Rodrik to maintain his position.

S2 e6 – King’s Landing riots

A masterclass in escalating tension, this well-choreographed riot conveyed both real danger AND a bit where Tyrion slapped Joffrey (see above). Everybody wins!

S2 e7 – Ygritte torments Jon Snow

One of the series’ most tragic love stories began with this unusual meet-cute.

S2 e7 – Arya talks to Tywin

The surprise friendship (of sorts) between Arya and Lannister head honcho Tywin was a new idea not seen in the Game of Thrones source material, but their conversations were a highlight of season 2, especially this tense chat.

S2 e9 – Spreading like wildfire

Tyrion’s grand plan was revealed as he burned Stannis’ fleet in brilliantly-realised scenes.

S2 e9 – Tyrion makes a speech

As inspiring speeches go, this one was a little unusual – telling soldiers they’ll get no money or glory doesn’t normally work SUPER well – but Tyrion managed to sell it in the hectic Battle of Blackwater episode.

S2 e10 – Theon’s speech and knockout

Theon’s own attempt at rallying his men through words was a little less successful, even if it did have a great comedy pay-off.

S2 e10 – The White Walkers attack


Our first proper look at the terrifying White Walkers in action saw them massacre the Night’s Watch with an army of the undead.


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