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Vote for your favourite Game of Thrones season 1 moment

Which early Westeros scenes get your vote?

Published: Friday, 15th July 2016 at 12:15 pm

It was the year where it all began - but which was your favourite moment from Game of Thrones season 1? Check out the reminders below, and then vote for the scenes you think most deserving.


Note: You can vote more than once and for more than one moment if you refresh the page – winners will be chosen for the top 10 by net number of votes, so more than one per season can make the final tally.

(Contains some violence and scenes of a sexual nature)

S1 e1 – Bran is thrown from a tower

Brazenly signaling to its audience that this show was something different, Game of Thrones’ first ever episode included a scene of incest between brother and sister that led to the attempted murder of a child. And so the march towards war began…

S1 e3 – Arya gets a lesson

Arya met Syrio Forel and began her journey to being a total badass in this sweet if ominous scenes.

S1 e5 – Ned Stark battles Jaime Lannister

It was the Wolf vs the Lion in this brief but epic battle scene.

S1 e6 – Tyrion and Bronn win a trial by combat

Tyrion did his best speeches and Bronn did his best dirty fighting to secure the Lannister Lord’s release from Lysa Arryn’s clutches.

S1 e6 – Viserys gets crowned

A suitably ironic and grisly death saw the wannabe King of the Seven Kingdoms “crowned” by Khal Drogo with melted metal.

S1 e7 – “When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die”

Ned Stark and Cersei Lannister laid it all out on the table in this tense and well-scripted scene.

S1 e8 – Barristan Selmy resigns

After being dismissed from the Kingsguard, legendary Knight Ser Barristan the Bold had one of the most legendary exit interviews imaginable.

S1 e9 – Ned Stark is executed

The shocking moment that in many ways still defines Game of Thrones saw apparent series protagonist Ned Stark cruelly executed by King Joffrey to the horror of viewers worldwide.

S1 e10 – Robb Stark is declared King in the North

The Northern Lords’ decision to break away from the crown with their own kingdom is an uplifting scene that becomes sadder in hindsight, knowing the fate of all the characters within it.

S1 e10 – Daenerys hatches her dragons


Her husband dead and her forces scattered, Daenerys seems to be at her lowest ebb – until she walks into the flames of Khal Drogo’s pyre to emerge from the ashes with three newborn dragons and her future power assured.


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