This is how ‘hold the door’ was translated for Game of Thrones fans around the world

Turns out Hodor's origin makes no sense in Hebrew


Season six of Game of Thrones may have brought the Battle of the Bastards and a war-hungry Daenerys Stormborn, but it’ll always be remembered for Hodor’s name-defining moment. Which (if you can hold back the tears) you can watch unfold again now…


Yes, thanks to Bran’s time-meddling ways, Hodor was destined to repeat those jumbled up words until his final moments.

Stunning. But the revelation surrounding Westeros’ most reliable giant (sorry, Wun Wun) was a problem for non-English viewers. While “hold the door” shortening to “Hodor” makes perfect sense in our tongue, it became more of a challenge in other languages.

Germany found an easy workaround, using “halte das Tor,” (“hold the gate”), but other countries had a tad more difficulty. In Turkish, the phrase became “Orada dur” (“Stay there”), while the French went with “Qu’ils n’ailent pas au-dors” (“Don’t let them get outside”).

And the rest? Well, one Imgur user collated all the translations into one handy showcase.


Prepare to feel Hodor’s pain once again. In Hindi.