This Game of Thrones special effects breakdown will make you see season seven in a whole new light

Before-and-after footage shows how Westeros was brought to life

jon snow game of thrones

Game of Thrones looks a lot less dramatic without the VFX and – dare we say it – a little silly. Luckily there’s a lot you can do with computers these days to give Westeros more of an atmosphere.


A new video from Zoic Studios shows before-and-after footage, revealing how they transformed different scenes into what you see in the actual series.

Green screens become snowy backdrops, set rigging becomes high-vaulted ceilings and they even add in a bunch of ravens in a tree. It’s mind-blowing stuff, and that’s before you get to the bit where they show how they created Arya’s Faceless Man reveal.


That’s it for season seven – but how will they top it for season eight?