The first trailer for Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories has been released, and it’s wonderfully creepy

Beautifully weird stuff from the creator of American Gods and Neverwhere


Writer Neil Gaiman is famous for his offbeat and dark style, from the theologicial chicanery of American Gods to the twisted world of London Below in Neverwhere – but his latest TV project looks like it’s taking creepiness to new levels.


Based on various short stories written by the author over the years, Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories will star an ensemble cast (including Tom Hughes, Johnny Vegas, George MacKay, Rita Tushingham and Kenneth Cranham) spread over the four-part run.

Based on the trailer, everyone’s going to be behaving weirdly and obliquely in ways both unsettling and entertaining.

Apparently the series (airing on Sky Arts later this month) will also include nods to Gaiman’s other work subtly peppered throughout the action, so it sounds like a perfect appetiser for fans desperately waiting for the US adaptation of American Gods to hit screens.

Alternatively, it might just make them even hungrier for more of Gaiman’s work, but hey – that’s just the risk you take.


Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories will begin on Thursday 26th May at 9pm on Sky Arts