Supernatural series finale is mostly “unchanged” after COVID-19 tweaks

Changes made to the last episodes that don't "affect the core parts" of the story, says showrunner.


Season 15 of Supernatural may have been rudely interrupted by COVID-19 during its run on The CW in March – however, one of the fantasy series’ showrunners has confirmed that the break in production hasn’t affected the season finale too much.


Speaking to TVLine, co-showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that while a few changes have been made to the last few scripts to allow for coronavirus-related filming restrictions, they “didn’t affect the core parts” of the remaining episodes.

“There have been some adjustments made from the scripts that we were going to shoot in March to the scripts that we’re shooting now,” he said. “We’ve had to accommodate a pandemic.”

“We’re still doing everything we wanted to do from a character, plot [and] mythology standpoint.”

“In some cases, we had to simplify the [pathways] to get there,” he continued. “For example, for the finale we had a big, super extravagant thing planned for that episode, and it wasn’t feasible. But we found an alternative to get to the same place, plot-wise and, more importantly, emotionally, that worked great.”

“So it’s about being adaptable. We had to do some rewriting, but nothing that changed fundamentally what the show is or where it was going,” he said.

“The storyline [for the series finale] is unchanged. Like I said, some of the scene work is different. There aren’t as many bad guys in a scene as we would normally have because of COVID restrictions. But in terms of plot, in terms of character, nothing is fundamentally different.”

Supernatural’s 15th and final season began airing on The CW in March, with the series finale originally due to air in May. However, due to COVID-19, production was shut down in March, with the series going on hiatus shortly afterwards.


The fantasy series, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the monster-hunting Winchester brothers, will resume airing season 15 on Thursday 8th October in the US, with the show’s finale episode airing in November.

Supernatural airs on E4 in the UK. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.